Health Issues

Health is wealth, without health you can’t achieve your dreams. Astrology says that for every health issue of a person, positions of planets are responsible. The celestial bodies influenced the lifestyle of the people. One can get perfect health problems solution by Pandit R.M Rao Guruji, as it is based on the studies of the location of planets and the disturbance occurred in the individual due to it. Each individual has the different birth chart and so physical condition of individual depends on the horoscope diagram.

Financial Issues

Getting into financial problem is the biggest problem in life which creates in all other problems which includes career problems, life problems consists of love life problem and marriage life problem, confused state which will not provide you with any solution.  Financial problems can be well solved if you have perfect solution. Looking for some ultimate solution? Then you can visit Shree Kolluru Mookambika Jyothishya Kendra, you will get the best solutions.

Marriage and Child Birth

If you are facing child problem or marriage problem, do not need to worry more. A visit to the Astrologer Pandit R.M Rao Guruji, he is highly skilled and has rich experience experienced astrologer who provides you a great prediction on marriage and childbirth. He has deep knowledge regarding this issue and proficient to solve your issue and you can enjoy your life.


Your child’s education can be made good or the best with the help of astrology. Our astrologer Pandit R.M Rao Guruji will help you by giving the best solutions such as easier learning, deep concentration. He helps with the selection of the most suitable and the best career or competitive exams for your child.

Love Related Queries

Love is important in a human’s life, it is important to take care of relationships based on love that takes an important place in our lives in order to enjoy life. Without our loved ones our life gets hard. Is your partner is no more with you in the relationship? If you still love your partner and want him/her back in your life, or do you have any queries related to Love? Then you can come to Pandit R.M Rao Guruji, to get the solution through which you can get back your partner back in your life.

Court Cases

Astrology is an unusual power, which brings happiness in your life; our astrologer Pandit R.M Rao Guruji is famous for solving court case problems. If you are struggling with the complication of law matter and you are losing lots of money regarding this and you always receiving failure you should visit Pandit R.M Rao Guruji to get out of this and lead a successful life.


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